Enjoying the Beach Experience at Tenerife

Holidays to Tenerife are supposed to offer something exciting for everyone. The mesmerizing volcanic land has a soothing contrast of colors that are painted throughout the entire land. There is an array of other activities from mountain treks to energizing water sports. Towards the southern portion of the island there lies a series of luxurious resorts and also houses the most spectacular beaches, whereas the northern portion offers a vast green landscape and has a very traditional feel to it.

Tenerife stretches across 350 km of coastline and also faces a sunny climate throughout the year. It is not a surprise that Tenerife an immensely popular destination. The Mount Teide, which towers over Tenerife and is surrounded by a wild volcanic landscape and is considered to be the highest peak in the entire Spain rising up to nearly 3,718 m.

The Teide National Park was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2007. A cable car will take you to the highest point of the dormant volcano, from where tourists can see the entire Island. Tenerife’s capital city, Santa Cruz is worth a visit. You can find exclusive shopping areas and historic buildings here.

A Santa Cruz festival takes place every year in the months of March and February. Tenerife also provides its tourists with a massive range of attractions, which include exciting scuba diving, golf courses and water parks.