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Tenerife holidays

canary islands, tenerife, playa de las americas sunsetBook holidays to Tenerife and let yourself loose on the beaches while watching whales. Experience volcanic villages and hike to the cloud wreathed peak of Mt Teide. Holiday packages usually offer visits to San Cristóbal de La Laguna’s quiet colonial streets to the hustle-bustle of modern-day capital Santa Cruz in the east. If you are looking for a wild night out, head to Playa de las Americas and take part in the foam revelries and sing along during the karaoke nights. To get the best holiday deal compare holiday prices as there is plenty of offers at the moment.

Take your tots to the sandy beaches of Los Cristianos and chill under the fountain there. The playgrounds and promenades lined with palm trees for pedestrians along the beaches make the place perfect for small kids. If are interested in some whale watching, the Los Gigantes cliff is where you should head to. Sail into the sea atop a glass-bottomed boat and make sure that your eyes are peeled for bottlenose dolphins and whales in the crystal clear waters.

To add some spark to your love life and experience romance in a new way, head to the road leading to Masca. This village is suspended amid huge mountains, rocky peaks and flourishing terraces. Make sure that you do not miss the local cactus ice cream. Hike through rocks that have been eroded by the wind and craters in the Teide National Park. Scale Mount Teide, and enjoy your time at Tenerife – a paradise for the restless!

Happy driving in Spain

Holiday carUrbane cities and resorts on relaxing beach fronts await you for your trip to Spain. If you are a party animal, you can let your hair down in the several nightclubs in Madrid or if you’re more artistically inclined, you can soak in the architectural splendour of Barcelona. Hiring a car will be the best option for you while you enjoy the diverse landscape that Spain offers.

Car hire Spain is easy, affordable and suitable for tourists, families and business travellers. Major cities like Madrid and Barcelona are well connected by a network of six highways, and with a car, you can travel through the meadows and enjoy a drive down the magnificent stretch along the Atlantic shoreline.If you are 18 years and above, a recognized UK license or an International Driving License is a must as per Spanish law.

The Spanish people drive on the right hand side of the road and violators who drink and drive will be subject to a fine, license suspension or might even land behind bars. Seat belts should be worn by all passengers in the car at all times. Headlamp convertors are also a must in all cars. Driving license, vehicle paperwork and identity documents should always be with you in the car, just in case. If you plan to travel for long, renting a car at the airport can be a huge time saver and very cost effective too.

Mexico Holidays

Mexico HolidaysSizzling with tanned tourists and bright sunshine, Mexico holidays are hot stuff to look out for. Besides the local culinary delights, pleasant weather and a booming nightlife, Mexico offers warm desert sands and Mayan relics, backed up with scenic coastlines and more to explore.

It is recommended that you book an all inclusive holiday package to Mexico well in advance. If you are on the Caribbean coast, you can look forward to its sparkling sands dotted with palm trees. At Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and other towns on the Pacific coast, you can look forward to surfer’s waves and silky sands.

Mexico is famous for its intense hot and cold conditions and its scorching deserts distinguish the city. Covered with forest reserves and rugged mountains, and industrial and business centers that dot the map, Mexico has something for everyone. You will find many quaint towns buzzing with life and color and some of these have made it to the list of World Heritage Sites.

Lined with many shores on the Pacific side, the Mexican Gulf offers a profusion of marshes and mangrove forests. These are ideal locations for ecotourism outings and provide exciting adventures. Scuba dive along the world’s second largest coral reef on the Yucatan Peninsula on Caribbean Sea. Play golf on the beautiful courses of the Baja California peninsula, discover underwater reserves and don’t forget to witness the amazing voyage of the Gray Whale!

Cheapest flights

canary islands, tenerife, playa de las americas beachWhen you book an air ticket to any destination you might want to travel to, you’re sure to look for the cheapest flights first. Most domestic and international airlines offer air tickets that are light on the pocket along with discounted holiday packages on hotels in the destination.

While planning and deciding on the holiday destination of your choice, you’ll need to do some fair research and decide on which airline to take up, which hotel to stay at, and on the mode of transport  you intend to take, to make the most of your holiday.

Cheap air tickets can be found via the web in most domestic airlines. Travel agents will also provide you with great deals. Airlines offer various offers to their customers, and some offers are in the form of cash-back offers on flights that have tie ups with several banks. At times, if you are lucky enough, you might also be able to get hold of discounted tickets.

Some online travel companies provide very good deals on hotels in the destination spot and travel insurance. Be it the striking Andaman and Nicobar Islands or a surprise trip for your family to Singapore or Malaysia, flight tickets are easily affordable now and all you need to do is do your research and pick the right deal.

Cheap Package Holidays To Tenerife

tenerife bananaTenerife lies just a few hours away from the UK and US and is the largest among the Spanish Canary Islands,  just off the north-west coast of Africa. If you want to bask in the sun, you should pay a visit to Tenerife which boasts of a temperate climate all year around. Cheap package holidays to Tenerife are available aplenty.

Apart from getting a tan under the sun on Tenerife’s clean sandy beaches, you can also explore the volcanic countryside, flourishing valleys and villages. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the island with the mighty Mount Tiede peak serving as the backdrop.

When the Carnival of Santa Cruz begins to roll down the streets, Tenerife takes on a vibrant and festive mood. The laidback holiday towns of Playa Paraiso and Puerto Santiago are excellent places to relax and have fun. With their black sandy beaches, these towns are ideal for families and couples alike on a break in Tenerife. If you want to play golf, Golf Del Sur is the haven you should head out to.

For your kids to have some fun, Tenerife has several options including watersports, waterparks and whale watching trips. Puerto de la Cruz, the main resort, is located right on the fishing harbour and offers a typical Canarian experience to its visitors. The resort is full of chic shops and traditional restaurants offering varied cuisines. There is plenty to do and see under the sun in Tenerife!

More Cheap Holidays

Cheap holiday dealsIndia presents itself in an unimaginative burst of religions and cultures like nowhere else in the world. There are several cheap holiday deals that India has to offer for its explorers. When you think of Goa, the sea, sun and surf are the first things that will strike your mind. While you go on board on one of the Goa tours, take a plunge into its crystal clear sea waters with sandy beaches. Goa also offers striking wildlife tours, pulsating nightlife and tempting cuisines.

Down south, Kerala tours provide you with your required break and lets you explore romantic beaches, backwaters, hill stations and the captivating cultural richness of God’s Own Country. In Himachal Pradesh, Kulu-Manali tours offer the right choice of vacationing amidst the beauty of nature and also provides for other fun activities. Snow capped hills, orchards and gushing rivers make Kulu-Manali one of the most sought after tourist destinations up north.

Not to forget, Kashmir is the crowning glory of India as glaciers, picturesque surroundings, fruit laden gardens and scenic lakes welcome tourists to Kashmir. Do not miss the monument of love, the Taj Mahal, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Its genius architecture and River Yamuna flowing behind it make Taj Mahal tours an experience of a lifetime. You’ll need to book your accommodation and travel options in advance for all such tours.

Need cheap flights to Tenerife?

tenerife beachTenerife is the chief and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands of Spain. The island sees an influx of an approximate five million tourists each year. Tenerife plays host to the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, labeled as the world’s largest fête. This carnival is touted to become a World Heritage Attraction. Two airports service Tenerife, and these are the Tenerife North airport and the Tenefire South airport.

There are several cheap flights Tenerife and you will be welcomed to a host of activities and attractions on this island. Nightlife in Tenefire is good and there are several sights to see. Tenefire is just about a four to five-hour journey from the UK. The weather in Tenerife is constantly pleasant, so flight prices are fairly inexpensive throughout the year.

It is an implausible destination for various water sports and other activities like diving, quad-biking, rock climbing, windsurfing and horse riding. Tenerife serves as a very well known family location thanks to its several theme parks. There are several options when it comes to affordable flight deals to Tenerife from anywhere around the world. If you’re travelling from India or the Asian continent, you can take a flight to any city in Britain and then make the onward journey. The airlines may also provide cheap hotel deals once you reach Tenerife.

All Inclusive holidays to Egypt

Egypt holidaysRising from the Nile Valley in 3,100 BC, Egypt was the world’s most ancient civilization and this place is a new age retreat spot. Visiting Egypt involves much more than the Pyramids and ancient monuments. To experience an adrenaline rush, you must take up scuba diving in the Red Sea, visit sizzling night clubs, stay in plush hotels and feast in five star restaurants.

Your all inclusive holidays to Egypt should be planned well in advance before you set foot in the country. The best time to visit Egypt is between December and February and June and August when the weather will be pleasant, as opposed to the scorching summers that the desert land faces.

There are several places in Egypt where you can let your hair down and relax. Explore the cradle of evolution and sail along the world’s longest river, the Nile, housing the iconic Pyramids, the regal Sphinx and the spectacular temples of Luxor and Karnak. Experience a different version of Egypt on the immaculate coastline of the White Med and on the Red Sea Riviera with its right blend of resorts, exquisite attractions and sports activities.

Unwind in El Gouna at lavish hotels set amongst jaw-dropping locales and shop till you drop in Egypt’s numerous shopping complexes. Quench your thirst in the several oases on the desert. In Egypt, your options are endless. So, what are you waiting for?

Hiring a car in Spain

Over the last four decades, the Spanish tourism industry has become the second biggest in the world. The climate of Spain, its cultural monuments and its geographic position have made Spain a paradise for travellers.

With its vast green fields and open spaces, Spain is a beautiful country with many routes that you can discover. Tourists usually opt for the healthier way to explore Spain and they either hire bicycles or make use of Spain Car Hire options. Car rental pacts in Spain usually comprise of all-inclusive benefits like collision damage waivers, insurance, unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance.

Cars can be chosen from a wide range because from luxury cars of the latest make and economy class cars to seven seaters for families or large groups, you can opt for anything here. There are several car hire companies in Spain that provide economical deals and good quality cars.

You can browse online and check for the availability of cars way before your vacation even begins. You can book your cars online and get them delivered to you at the airport. All you have to do is fill an easy form and make an advance refundable payment. You can choose from a Ford Fusion, Ford Fiesta 5DR, a Citroen Picasso, Hyundai Getz and other models when you travel to Spain.

Do you speak Spanish?

villa in tenerifeSpain is a diverse country that houses bustling cities and remote villages nestled among its mountains. The Spanish language, also known as Castilian, is a Romance language that evolved in Iberia in the 9th century. Modern day Spanish has evolved after the readjustment of its consonants and still continues to accept foreign words from a variety of other languages. Roughly 358 million people speak Spanish as their native language and 417 million speak Spanish on a worldwide scale.

Spanish translation to various other languages has gained importance over the years and following the increasing political stability and economies in many larger nations, people are opting for Spanish as their language and trying to learn it. In Spanish, various endings are attached to verbs to indicate first, second and third person narration in singular and plural. There is an extensive use of verb forms in Spanish than there are in English.

The Spanish language is more complicated due to the fact that most common verbs used in daily dialect are irregular, unlike in English. However, there is an important thing that you should keep in mind – Spanish sentences usually end with words that convey the nature of the action fully, while in English, auxiliary verbs and other sentence components are used to express the same. The Spanish language uses Latin alphabets and phonology in Spanish is way different from that in English, especially when it comes to the sounds of vowels and the stress laid on sentences.